Superior quality software, developed and distributed free of charge to the medical and dental industry.

Appointment Scheduling Software

We provide easy-to-use scheduling software, developed specifically for doctors, dentists and other professionals in the medical industry.

This highly effective front-desk management system helps you schedule, update and manage daily appointments with a lot of time to spare.

It includes;

  • Daily, monthly and yearly calendar selection with easy navigation.
  • Schedule appointments for multiple doctors.
  • Send SMS messages to remind patients and build better doctor/patient relations
    ('SMS' are text messages sent to patient's cell phone)
  • History of appointments and reminder messages stored in database.
  • Quick installation - only basic computer skills required.
  • Help-file with simple instructions. Learn to use the program in just a few minutes.
  • Software is reliable and FREE!

Screen Shots
Click here to view some screen shots of the program.

Why is the software free?

There is no catch - you can use the program for free in your medical practice to schedule and manage appointments. You are under no obligation to buy anything.

However, the program also integrates to a world-wide SMS service that is NOT free. You can send SMS reminders and other messages to patients and customers.

We hope that you would join our SMS notification service once you've seen how easy and valuable the software can be.

If you have no use for the SMS service, you can still use the un-restricted version of the appointment scheduling software without any obligation.

Software requirements:
The program runs on Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP or later.

Download and install
After saving the download file to your computer, do the following:

  • The program is distributed in a compressed .Zip file and should first be decompressed by using a program like 'Winzip'.
  • After extracting the files, click on "Setup.exe" to install.

    Older operating systems:
  • On some older operating systems (98/Me) the setup program might first update your installer program.
  • Once the update is completed you will be prompted to re-start your computer.
  • After re-starting you should run setup again to install.
  • The program can be started by clicking on
    Start >> SMS 4 Doctors.

Free Download
Click here to download the scheduling software program now!

Thank you for trying out the program. Hope you enjoy it!

SMS Reminder Service

The program also integrates to an SMS service that can be used to send reminder and other messages to a patient's cell phone after scheduling appointments.

  • Save on your telephone bill by using SMS instead of calling patients to confirm appointments.
  • Build better relations with patients by sending follow-up messages to enquire about their health.
  • Keep written records of confirmed appointments that can be used as proof when patients do not show up.
  • Receive free return emails when patients confirm appointments.
  • Send SMS messages to more than 170 networks around the world.

How to join the SMS service

You can join an SMS network that sends messages to cell phone users in your country. We recommend using Clickatell, based in South Africa and linked to various networks around the globe. Our system is already configured to work seamlessly with this provider.

Alternatively you can use your local SMS provider if they provide an 'Email to SMS' or 'Web to SMS' service.

Subscribing to the SMS service is a 3 step process;
(The SMS service is not free, only the scheduling software).

Step 1: Pay Monthly

A fixed recurring monthly fee of $9-00 must be paid online using a credit card. Once you've subscribed, it will automatically be billed monthly to your credit card until you un-subscribe by sending us a notification email.

  • The fastest and most secure way to order is directly online. Your monthly statement will reflect payment to "2CO.COM", ( Inc), our authorized agents.

  • Use the transaction ID emailed to you to activate your account below!

Step 2. Pay Per-message

  • In addition to the monthly fee of $9-00 the actual SMS messages are purchased directly from an SMS provider called Clickatel. You can buy SMS messages at cost. We do not charge an additional percentage on the messages that you purchase.
  • You should note that no formal business relationship exists between ourselves and the SMS provider (e.g. Clickatell). They have their own terms and conditions.
  • Use the ID, username & password emailed to you to activate your account below!

Step 3. Configure your account
Fill out the form below and submit to configure your account. We will send a confirmation in +/-48 hours when your account has been configured to send messages. 


  • The 2CO transaction ID is sent to you by when you pay the monthly subscription fee. (Step 1).

  • The User ID, Username and Password is provided to you by 'Clickatel' when purchasing SMS messages. (Step 2)
    Values are Case-SenSiTive, please double check BEFORE you submit!

Name Email 2CO Transaction ID:
Client ID
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Contact Information

Qualitone Multimedia Cc
P.O. Box 9754
South Africa

Mobile Phone:  
Int + 2783-959-0911

Email / Support:
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The appointment scheduling software was developed by Qualitone Multimedia CC, Pretoria, South Africa. The company specializes in software development and has been in existence for more than 10 years.

(C) Copyright, Qualitone Multimedia Cc, All Rights Reserved

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